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PBA Represented at SRIA Lease & Ordinance Workshop

07/11/2019 6:57 PM | Anonymous

The Pensacola Beach Advocates were well-represented at the SRIA Lease and Ordinance Workshop!  Thanks to all who came to the meeting to show that more people than just the "yellow shirts" care about the beach! Our suggestion to streamline lease renewals and not put the financial burden of drafting the renewal language on the leaseholder was well-received. Unfortunately, when the SRIA's attorney delivered his amended ordinance from the County Commission, he took out the one section that both we and the yellow shirts wanted: namely the prohibition of sale or lease of any unleased properties on Pensacola Beach, especially those already designated for recreation, public access and conservation.  They did, however, respond positively to our proposal to require the Commission to have a unanimous vote before allowing increases to the building cap or trades of capped units from one property to another.  We'll continue to monitor this as they prepare for another workshop!

Please join us for the Sea Turtle Baby Shower on Saturday, August 10th from 11am-2pm at Landshark Landing!  This event is always a great family day with activities for all ages and lots of great information on our unique winged and flippered visitors!

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