Party Down South – Not On Pensacola Beach

Pensacola Beach says No to CMT Reality Show

03/25/2014 10:02 AM | Anonymous

A Country Music Television reality TV show was planning to film on Pensacola Beach for two months during Spring Break. At first it sounded like a great way to bring jobs and showcase our. When we first heard about the show,  PBA did some research and talked with people from Murrell’s Inlet, a small community in South Carolina where CMT filmed "Party Down South" last year. The more we learned, the less impressed we were. It turns out that "Party Down South" is a trash reality show with excessive drinking, nudity, profanity and just bad behavior.

We asked SRIA to add the show to a committee meeting. The Board listened to our concerns. Even though they didn't have a legal way to prevent the show from coming to the beach, they  did send a strong letter saying that all local laws and ordinances would be strictly enforced.

It was amazing how quickly the community came together - PBA, the SRIA, county commissioner Grover Robinson, Gulf Breeze and Pensacola communities and many Beach businesses. The community sent a very clear message to 495 Productions that they were not welcome on Pensacola Beach. Within a week the issue came and went. Thanks to Innisfree Hotels for taking a stand. Their refusal to rent rooms to the entire cast probably had the most impact.

You can thank all the businesses who took a stand and said our image was more important than the money - by spending your money on the beach this Spring and Summer.


This information was sent out to our membership once we did our homework... Thanks for your responses

The Board of Directors of PBA wants to make our members and the beach community aware of a trashy reality show that is eyeing Pensacola Beach for filming this Spring.

Apparently they have been in discussions and negotiations with various entities in our community but it has all been kept very quiet. We just heard about it on Friday. Probably because they the last place they filmed, Murrell’s Inlet SC, was so unhappy with the experience.

It’s a trashy sordid show and it won’t reflect on the upscale family oriented image the Greater Pensacola area has been working hard to build over the last twenty years.

Here is the website for the CMT reality show – also known as “The Dirty South”.

Please read the two excellent articles by Kimberly Blair, published in the Pensacola News Journal this week.

Also do some internet searches for “Party Down South” and Murrell’s Inlet, SC and make your own decision.

Apparently the show is planning on renting houses on Ariola Drive for the six weeks of filming sessions. This is a residential neighborhood that has minimal parking, a narrow street and is always crowded during the Spring without adding all the traffic, equipment and lights of a film production.

One of our board members contacted a County Commissioner from Georgetown County in SC and told us the crew and cast of Party Down South turned their small beach community into a “six week living nightmare”. They also turned down the show to come back and film again this year.

Here is a Facebook Page that was created by the community of Murrell’s Inlet to document how bad this was. Read this page and also the links to other article that were written by the local press in South Carolina.

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