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Commissioner Bender Achieves Advanced County Commissioner Level II Designation

07/18/2022 8:57 PM | Anonymous

Published Jul 18, 2022

For the second year in a row, the Florida Association of Counties (FAC) presented Escambia County District 4 Commissioner Robert Bender with the Presidential Advocacy Award for his work during the 2022 Legislative Session at their annual conference in Orange County, Fla.

“Advocating on issues that are important to our community is something that I’m honored to be recognized for,” said Commissioner Bender. The FAC Presidential Advocacy Award recognizes County Commissioners who have shown exceptional leadership in advocating with FAC during the 2022 Legislative session to advance counties’ legislative agenda.

Commissioner Bender was also presented with the Advanced County Commissioner Level II (ACC II) designation from the Institute for County Government (ICG) at the award ceremony. The ACC II designation signifies the Commissioner's completion of the most senior level of comprehensive study program designed by ICG.

The ACC II education program focuses on transforming counties and the state of Florida by producing strong, versatile leaders with the necessary tools to address challenges across multiple fields and governing bodies. Commissioners are given the opportunity to participate following their graduation from the Certified County Commissioners (CCC) and the Advanced County Commissioner Level I (ACC I) program.

“As the highest designation offered by ICG, commissioners are challenged to confront the most intricate and complex issues that face Florida,” shared the Institute for County Government’s Executive Director, Eric Poole. “These commissioners who volunteer to dedicate time and energy into earning this designation exemplify the quality of leaders we have on a local level in Florida.” 

In addition, Commissioner Bender was elected Treasurer of the ICG Board of Directors, selected as the Committee Chairman for the Florida Association of Counties Finance and Tax Policy Committee, and was re-elected to the Florida Association of Counties Board of Directors.

Alongside Commissioner Bender, 12 commissioners earned the designation at the award ceremony as the third class of graduates to complete the program. Since the inception of this program, there have been 41 graduates.

Founded in 1929, the Florida Association of Counties has represented the diverse interests of Florida’s counties, emphasizing the importance of protecting home rule – the concept that communities and their local leaders should make the decisions that impact their community. The Florida Association of Counties helps Florida’s counties effectively serve and represent their communities through Advocacy, Collaboration, and Education.    

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