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In late 2009, the SRIA contracted with EDSA, a planning firm, to develop a conceptual long-range plan for improvements at Pensacola Beach. A Steering committee of 13 people was formed, with representatives of Beach residents, Beach businesses and mainland users. (Two PBA members serve on this committee.) After several public meetings, the Steering Committee and EDSA completed the conceptual plan in May, 2010. The planning process was then put on hold for eight months due to the BP oil spill. Escambia County then contracted with Baskerville Donovan(BDI) to do an engineering study to determine the feasibility of the Master Plan ideas that resulted form the 2010 planning process. This study began in March 2011 and BDI presented their initial findings and options to the SRIA in October and then again in January.

The SRIA reviewed two alternative plans and chose "Plan B", which proposed an elevated roadway and a pedestrian underpass plus a significant investment in landscaping in the core area.  During two public meetings, the citizens objected to Plan B due to the high cost ($25 million), the three year construction period disruptions, and the loss of 300 parking spaces.  The Escambia County Commissioners subsequently killed Plan B, leaving us with no plan after 2 ½ years of effort and expense.  The County is planning to make improvements to the tollbooth in 2014, but has no other plan or schedule of projects for the Beach.

Commissioner Grover Robinson and the County Engineering Department have expressed the need for citizen input to set priorities as we go forward.  The PBA has designed a survey to solicit input from all county citizens on all the ideas proposed over the past 2 ½ years. You can access the plan from the PBA web site home page.  Survey period ended June 18, 2012.

PBA Master Plan Survey - June 2012

Pensacola Beach Advocates conducted an online survey to get input from the community on the Pensacola Beach Master Plan. A total of 631 people completed the survey, giving their priorities on 26 different topics.

The top ten items that received the most support (high or mid priority) include:

  • Expanded trolley service (75%)
  • Improve pedestrian crosswalks (73%)
  • Left turn lane eastbound into Via DeLuna shopping ctr (71%)
  • Improving signalled intersection (65%)
  • Moving SRIA offices (65%)
  • Put Via DeLuna utilities underground (65%)
  • Roundabout at Ft. Pickens Entrance (54%)
  • Add landscaping to core area ony if it does not reduce parking (53%)
  • Add a parking garage (51%)
  • Electric smart signage on parking availability (51%)

Master Plan Survey Results June, 2012

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