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PBA Assists SRIA to Implement 50% Lease Fee Reduction

07/12/2015 11:45 AM | Anonymous

The SRIA’s proposed 2016 Budget reflects a nearly 50% reduction in expenses with the expectation that the Public Works (maintenance) and Public Safety (lifeguards) will be transferred to Escambia County as of October 1, 2015.  The SRIA will correspondingly reduce lease fees.

However, arriving at a lease fee reduction that is fair to all is not straightforward.  The various interests of Direct Residential Leaseholders, Master Leaseholders and Commercial Leaseholders need to be balanced.  It is also essential that the lease fee reduction be passed on to sub-lessees wherever possible.

To guide the SRIA and our beach community’s discussion of how to equitably and legally reduce lease fees, PBA engaged the law firm of Clark Partington Hart Larry Bond & Stackhouse to give an opinion on several issues.  Their opinion and the cover letter from PBA President, Benjamin Stevenson, to the SRIA are attached.

The PBA’s Government Affairs Committee will continue to work with the SRIA staff and attorney over the next weeks to help structure a fair implementation program for the lease fee reduction. 

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