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PBA Roundabout Survey Results

12/10/2019 7:46 PM | Anonymous


Thank you to the people who took the time to respond to the survey regarding the roundabouts plan. I received 71 emails and many took the time to write lengthy responses to the questions.

I’m sorry for the poor email format. I will use a survey application service in the future to make responding easier.

QUESTION 1: I am in favor of (OR I am against) the proposed roundabouts plan on Pensacola Beach which will replace the existing stoplight.

ANSWERS: 80% Against the roundabout plan17% For the roundabout plan3% other solutions.

QUESTION 2: There has been (OR there has not been) adequate information presented on how the roundabout system will function to reduce traffic congestion.

ANSWERS: Only about half would like more information.

QUESTION 3: The cause of the traffic congestion on Pensacola Beach is?

ANSWERS: 42% believe parking is the problem. Toll booth, the light, and pedestrian traffic were each mentioned about 12% of the time.


James Crittenden

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