Beach Trolley Runs 11-11

06/28/2011 4:20 PM | Anonymous
Free beach trolley service started rolling on May 27th. Two trolleys run a continuous route from Palm Beach Club on the west end to Portofino on the east end with a loop through the Beach core. Trolleys run daily from 11 am to 11 pm. In mid August, service will continue 12 hours a day on weekends through Labor Day.

Easy to remember, and even easier to use. Using the latest technology, you can plan when to board at any of the 27 stops. The trolleys are equipped with a GPS tracking system that provides an estimate of when the trolley will arrive. Information is accessible via the web, phone or text. You can even follow the 2 trolleys as they make there way around the Beach.

  • Call automated phone response line at 850-602-9384 and entering the trolley stop number.
  • Text 41411 to SRIA and entering the trolley stop number.
  • Scan the QR code posted at each trolley stop with a smartphone.
  • Visit the “Trolley Tracker” at

Come on and Take a Free Ride! Have you ever heard any good trolley tales from the good old days when everyone rode the trolley? We invite you to make some new trolley tales and share them with us.

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