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Flagler County Short Term Rental Ordinance

11/01/2020 1:23 PM | Anonymous

Flagler County Short Term Rental Ordinance

Listed below are several articles that outline the reasons behind the Flagler County ordinance and the continued push back from those that own "hometels" and their supporters. The articles also include solutions to several of the common issues/complaints the county was receiving with "hometels".

The following articles are listed in chronological order:

2015 - https://flaglerlive.com/75159/short-term-rentals-ordinance-flagler/

2017 - https://flaglerlive.com/113731/vacation-rentals-hoa/

2018 - https://flaglerlive.com/117484/mealy-vacation-rentals/

2020 - https://flaglerlive.com/150584/vacation-rentals-deregulation/

2020 - https://flaglerlive.com/150997/vacation-rental-plan-to-end-home-rule-falters/

Read more about St. Augustine's Vacation Rental Regulations below:


Read about Miami-Dade County Ordinance Regulating Short Term Vacation Rentals:


Below is a link to the Flagler County Short Term Rental Ordinance


The ordinance above addresses several things including occupancy, parking, safety, inspections, etc. It looks as if they had some push back about fines and suspension of certificates which required some sections being amended. Based upon this document, it doesn't appear that PBA will have to invent the wheel here, just modify it to meet Escambia County/SRIA acceptance.

-Research complied by Bill Ray (PBA Secretary)

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