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PBA Requests Answers To Permitting Process for 5G

11/19/2020 10:37 AM | Anonymous

Below is the email Rhonda Dorfman (PBA President) sent to the Escambia County Commissioner regarding the permitting process for 5G towers.

From: Rhonda <rsdorfman@att.net>
Date: November 18, 2020 at 12:14:05 PM CST
To: permits@myescambia.comdistrict4@myescambia.com
Subject: 5g Towers


Could you please explain the permitting process for 5g cell towers?  

Are environmental studies being implemented per federal legislation?  What are the plans for emissions studies to insure emission levels are safe? As a barrier island why is Pensacola Beach not exempt from having the poles installed.  

Do you have a master plan we can review at the Pensacola Beach Advocates? We would also like to request a public hearing before you place or collocate anymore poles on the beach.  

Thank you for your prompt response and answers to these questions.

Rhonda Dorfman
PBA President

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