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Presentation from the Spring Break Meeting

12/06/2018 8:40 PM | Anonymous
Tonight's Spring Break Meeting brought together the SRIA, Sheriff's Office, DMO, Beach Chamber of Commerce, residents and rental management companies.  After discussing what everyone would like to see happen, all agreed that the first, and possibly most important, step is put together a clear welcome message for potential visitors discussing our expectations of them during their stay.  A committee was formed to develop this message and they will be meeting soon to ensure we get in front of Spring Breakers ASAP. Here's a copy of the presentation from the meeting.

Spring Break 2019.pdf


  • 01/30/2019 11:17 AM | Against The PC Culture
    I feel as if not every group that participated in Spring Break is out to cause a scene and ruin the city of Pensacola Beach. Many groups that I have seen participate are respectful and take stay to themselves. Having Spring Breakers boosts your economy in those months, as well. Not everything is bad when it comes to Spring Break.

    I understand that there have been certain groups who are reckless and irresponsible, but do not punish the others for a particular group.
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